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Hello all,

Here I am again with a new utility for your SharePoint deployment – “Send Document as an email attachment”.

This utility will allow defined set of users to send any document from any document library via email, as an attachment.

After deploying this solution, a new button “Send Document” will appear in the ribbon interface. Just select the document (one at a time) by clicking the check box before the document title and click on Send Document button. As soon as you click this button an email form will pop up which allows you to provide values for “To”, “Cc”, “Subject” and “Email body”. Just fill in the details and click send email. You document will be attached to this email and will be sent to the appropriate user.

Also note that as a part of this installation, a send document configuration list will also get deployed on the root site which allows you to add users to whom you want to give rights to send document as an attachment.

Check my blog SharePoint 2010 for more tools and solutions.

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